What We Offer !!!

We offer a range of services to help you achieve the results of embracing, encountering, and engaging Diaspora People in North America. Not sure what you need, but our services are free. A few of the services we provide churches and mission agencies include …


… the MAP for free to see what Diaspora People and Points of Interest are plotted near you.


… FREE Three Learning Tracts for EMBRACE, ENCOUNTER, and ENGAGE Courses.


… the Diaspora People and Points of Interest near your Church, Association or Convention.


… you and your church to others who are effectively engaging Diaspora People.


… us to come alongside you to provide Consultation and Coaching to engage diaspora people.


… your high-priority Diaspora Ministries on PeopleGroups.info on our social media outlets.

Let’s make disciples among Diaspora People together.

To get started, we ask that you first REGISTER on PeopleGroups.info, then reach out to us concerning your needs.